Trouble on the Land again.

Tuned into the Today Show on Channel 9 on Monday  morning 6.8.2018, to tell me what’s happening in OZ. I’m being enlightened by Karl Stefanovic and his team, about the enormous hardship being visited onto our Farming-Community by this, now in it’s 10th year seemingly endless drought. There is no question in my mind, that our folks on the land are doing it tough and it seems reasonable, that a channel 9 telethon is asking for donations of any kind to alleviate the suffering. We Aussies are an emphatic lot, hearing of it, then acting on it by putting our hands into our pockets for some loose change to change owners, it’s almost instant. Well, we deeply care for our Brothers and Sisters on the land, we always did. Never one to let an opportunity for good publicity go to waste, who should bless us with his company on TV? Well, wouldn’t you know it; it’s our “Honourable-Prime-Minister”, Malcolm Turnbull. If you listened real carefully, you could almost hear the melody of the Newcastle-Song rustling on the wind. Don’t you ever let a chance go by dear lord – don’t you ever let a chance go by. This must be the only Prime-Minister in history, who’ll finish his first term in office, not having ever made a decision at all. I think, I’m allowed to say this because, I too voted for this indecisive, miserable lot. He announced, that his party would come to the aid of Farming-Families to the tune of 190 million dollars, 2 payments of 6000 dollars each, first one payable in September 2018  and the next 6000 dollars in March 2019. This will be on top of any other relief payments made by the Commonwealth or States to the Farming-Community. As soon as this was announced, critics branded the 12000 dollar relief; “too little – too late”. The Prime-Minister conceded, that the payment wasn’t to pay for fodder, but to keep the mind and soul together.
I’d like to ask our “Honourable-Prime-Minister”, what the Farming-Community could purchase to keep the mind together, when they see their livestock (their future) collapsing due to starvation in the fields and pastures all around them?  No Livestock means No Hope, No Future.
Yeah, how could anyone, who needs a fork and knife to eat a Meat-Pie, know???
Combined State and Commonwealth Drought-Relief must be close to a billion dollars already and is by the widest stretch of the imagination, just a bandaid solution and not one single dollar was put aside and earmarked to alleviate ever recurring future droughts from harming us.
Every few years, the country is inundated with flooding rains, causing widespread flooding. These Floodwaters should be harvested and stowed in huge still to be constructed Dams, forever future-proving us from the effect of droughts. The costs of building these Dams and Irrigation-Canals is negligible when compared to the costs of doing nothing. Like Israel we could green the desert and transform large tracks of land into Market-Gardens and Orchards. All Politicians go at least once a year on a fact finding trip to the Tennis at Wimbledon, the US Open or the Monaco Grand-Prix, we should force these severely Intelligence-Challenged “Supremo’s” to visit Israel in-stead, to see what can be achieved reaching your target, when intestinal fortitude is applied. In 1949 the Jews were handed a part of Palestine to form their own Nation-State (Country), the land given to them was arid dry desert, nothing would ever grow there, so they said. Look at it today and you see never ending Market-Gardens, Vine-yards and various Orchards. Well, they had no choice, if they wanted to eat; they had to grow the food, so they rolled up their sleeves and transformed the desert into a “Garden of Eden”. Bloody Brilliant! Perhaps, we could do that too!                                          Where should the money come from?
Our Super-Annuation-Koffers are overflowing with more than enough money to pay for it. Besides, if we can find the money (50 billion and counting) to invest in the NBN  for no apparent benefit, as the new system is no better than what we had in the first place, I should know, I’ve been connected to the NBN for over 12 month, then we shouldn’t have a problem building some Dams and Irrigation-Canals to harvest our Flood-Waters. The only thing standing in the way, are our short-sighted Politicians, They’re unable to look any further than the next election, The Snowy-River Scheme could never be built today with these short-sighted Politicians making the decisions.
Went to Woollies this afternoon, paying at the checkout, the lady asked in a loud voice,  “Would you mind if I add 2 Dollars to your Bill to alleviate the plight of our Farmers, Sir”? I answered in an equally loud voice: “No Thank You”! I just couldn’t help it, I had to take a stand, even though to pay the 2 Dollars would have been less embarrassing.
It was never the money, but this absolutely hopeless Government, whenever we jump to fill the void, Government will remain inactive and not do anything. So, I advocate, we all send a letter to Canberra and deliver this ultimatum:
Get off your lazy arses and fix the country, otherwise you can no longer count on us to vote for you and by the way stop handing out our money to foreign countries, for them to invest our money as they see fit. Put some checks and balances in place. You freely handing out this money year after year takes away their incentive to look after them-selves.
Who the Hell am I going to vote for next year? The Libs  are hibernating, Labour should be in Gaol, Pauline should be gutting Fish and the Greens should be on Mars.
What a Dilemma? Looks like, I”ll get fined for not voting.                                                                                                                                 Erich Meyer.



Liberta – Al Bano & Romina Power                                                                                                       Click on the Above.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A Freedom-Song by Al Bano Carrisi & Romina Power with a haunting melody, which will invade your mind and not exit easily. The very rare official video accompanying the music is very sad and is sure to well the tears in your eyes. I was alive through all of it. Liberta.  The end of World War 2, columns of Italian Soldiers who had favoured Mussolini were rounded up and marched into Italian Prison-Camps.  Mao’s struggle with the Nationals, first in China, then chasing them offshore to Formosa. Various Wars, Korean, Vietnam (first the French then the United-States), the East-German, Hungarian and Czechoslovakian uprisings. Man against Soviet Tanks and you thought Tienanmen Square was first, oh no, the Hungarians were first.  The appalling Leaders: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussain and Romania’s Nicola Ceausescu. Never ending columns of displaced people trudging to wherever there is a welcome hand, competing with huge numbers of refugees for a new place to call home. Many more now stateless people find themselves in barbed-wire enclosed camps, hoping for just about Anyone to offer them shelter, Anywhere.  The “Man in Black” never far away, busy harvesting, Women digging through the ruins looking for missing Loved-Ones. The Liberation of Concentration-Camps. The Assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy amid the Black-Panther Power struggle for Freedom from oppression in the USA.  Nehru and Gandhi’s  Freedom-Fight in India, the Breakup of the Soviet-Union, the dismantling of the Berlin-Wall. This Video was made before the Balkan-Wars, before the Hutu’s massacred Millions of Tutsi’s in Rwanda/Africa, before the Middle-East blew up, before Kaddafi’s Libya imploded, before Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan and the Taliban, before Iraq and Iran and long before ISIS. Yeah, I lived through all of this and do remember it well and now watching this Music-Video  and listening to Al Bano’s hauntingly beautiful Song, I’ll find it very difficult to remove these images from my mind. So I’m pleading with all you Politicians of every persuasion to stop  the bombing of City’s anywhere in the world, as you won’t achieve anything by continuing, except helping to make millions of people homeless, destroying their Homes and infrastructure, killing hundreds of thousands and lighting the fuse of hatred for the next Generation.  Will we ever Learn???                                                                                                                    

November 26, 2017 at 7:07 pm Edit

I posted the above to demonstrate, what happens if we don’t do anything about terrible Leaders or Politicians, when we close our eyes and minds to them interfering with our Human-Rights or just tolerating their criminal deeds, because we don’t want to rock the boat. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to defend, even with force, our Rights and stop our Rulers march into Criminality and Genocide. After the 1949 Nuremberg-Trials I thought, that those atrocities against Humanity committed during Hitler’s reign, could never happen again. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong, could I??? Remember: Korea, Idi Amin, Rwanda, Vietnam, Burma, Serbia, Croatia, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia,Yemen, Afghanistan, Isis, Ukraine, South-Africa, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Cambodia and it goes on and on and on… We all knew about the War-Crimes/Atrocities being committed we even witnessed these crimes against Humanity on Television and we just let it all happen. The UN while costing us many billions of Dollars in upkeep, is supposed to be the World- Peace-Keeper but seems to be a toothless Tiger and a bloody waste of money. Now, let’s look into our own backyard and see how we Aussies are faring. Our Air-Force is participating with the US and Russia in flying bombing missions in Syria killing thousands of innocent People and laying waste to large parts of the country, how is that going to help the people, why not go in and liquidate Mr.Assad? Instantly we would have solved the problem in Syria without destroying the whole country, on the other hand, right in the beginning we could have supplied the rebel-forces within Syria with weaponry to fight the Syrian armed Forces, as they had begged us to do. No, we couldn’t do that. could we? Not kosher I suppose, instead we go in boots and all and destroy the whole country. Only Politicians could think of that alternative.
If a Politician of any persuasion says, that he gave his life to Public-Service, don’t believe him/her. They either couldn’t hack it in private enterprise or are in the pursuit of Power. They are very fickle, hate making decisions, because what they decide on today may impact and backfire on them tomorrow. Everything they do is geared to gaining Votes and never, ever, for what’s good for the Country. Look at John Howard, I disliked him in the beginning leading to absolute hatred at the children overboard and Tampa affair but liked him at the end, when I should have disliked him even more because he was so absorbed in leaving a surplus (21 Billion Dollars in fact), that he neglected to spend this surplus on necessary infrastructure, but leaving it for the incoming totally inept Kevin-Rudd-Labour-Government to waste this surplus on Roof-Insulation and by doing so without putting the necessary checks and balances in place before start up, killing some young installers in the process and because of rushed and shoddy workmanship creating real fire traps in the roof cavities. Electric down lights were covered with insulation bats, overheating those appliances and consequently burning down many houses. Government-Budgets aren’t supposed to be in surplus if they are, then the Tax-Office must have collected more revenue than they should have, meaning, that they robbed the Tax-Payer. A reasonable budget deficit should always be considered, prudent and good Management / Housekeeping.
Tim Flannery predicted in 2005, that Sydney Dams would be dry in as little as 2 years, never to fill again. This is scaremongering of the worst kind especially if you’ve got the ear of Governments. He certainly had the ear of the Rudd-Government who installed him as Australian of the Year in 2007. The Gillard-Government later on trumped this by hiring him for a yearly salary of $ 118 000.00, to be the part-time Chairman of the Climate-Commission. This Man had been preaching doom and gloom for a long time and the Labour-Governments, State and Federal just sucked it up like there was no tomorrow it suited their agenda. Frank Sartor, Minister for Planning in the NSW State-Government, was so taken in by this Fools Prediction, that he approved the building of a desalination plant at a cost to the Tax-Payer of $1 800 000 000.00 (that is 1.8 billion Dollars). Although operational for a short time, it never really needed to be. The Plant was leased to the foreign owned DSP Company in 2012. 50 % owned by the Ontario-Teachers-Pension-Plan-Board and the other 50 % by 2 Funds managed by Hastings-Fund-Management. The terms of the $ 2.3 billion lease, locked Sydney Water into a 50 year Water-Supply-Agreement with the DSP Company. The now idle Plant (since 2012), is bleeding the Tax-Payer of $ 534 246.00 per day (that is $ 194 and a half million plus another 50 million per year, for as long as the plant is idle). Why wasn’t I offered the lease of this Desalination-Plant? I’m Australian the money would have remained in the Country. Why not any Australian?
This inept, blatantly foolish decision by the NSW Minister for Planning was made when Warragamba-Dam was still at 40 % capacity and many other dams like Avon and Cataract-Dams which could have easily come on-line, were still at full capacity. To make matters even worse, they locked us into a 50 year Lease-Agreement with a foreign owned Company, when this White Elephant was never needed to produce water for NSW and is now shut down forever by the looks of it, at an incredible Cost to the Australian-Tax-Payer. Nobody is or will ever go to Prison for this, or be shackled to a post in Sydney’s Martin-Place for a flogging. No, nobody, will ever pay for this, except the poor Tax- Payer. The Perpetrators of this outrages debacle, stupidity and sheer incompetence will never be prosecuted, held to account or held up to ridicule in a public place. No, we’re all too busy crying. Now, the very same Politicians claim to be giving their life to Public-Service, what a laugh. Some of his corrupt Labour-Party Colleague’s, members of the same Government should also easily qualify to get a mention here. Mr. Mac Donald, Mr. Obeid and Mr. Tripodi should all be charged with corrupt conduct for other indiscretions and when found guilty, be incarcerated until death do us part. I believe that until today only Mr. Mac Donald has availed himself to take up residence in one of her Majesty’s abodes. How about the roll-out of, fibre to the premise national broadband network? It was going to take us to the top of the pile opening all sorts of doors taking us, as the front runners into the future. We were going to be the leading lights in technology. The cost of all this according to the then Labour-Government, round about A $ 25 billion. The Liberals get into power and scratch fibre to the premise because it’s too costly and change the connection to fibre to the node and then use the already existing copper wiring to the premise, saving many billions of Dollars, so they said. Fast forward to November 2017, the cost has blown out to A $ 50 billion, I’ve been connected to the NBN since March only to find, that my up and download speeds are much slower than the original ADSL2 speed. So, we have spend A $ 50 billion and there is more to come on a system that is slower than what we had in the first place. We Aussies are known to have compassion, so let them have Christmas, but during the first sitting of both houses of Parliament in the new year, let’s lock the doors and throw the key into Lake-Burley-Griffin and employ an Administrator to run the Country, rather than these feeble minded inept Politicians. Global Warming. Global warming is happening and began after the peak of the last Ice-Age about 21000 years ago, if global warming didn’t happen then, we’d be freezing our arses off right now, most likely though, we wouldn’t be here today. History taught us, that our Planet-Earth experienced in the last approximately 400 million years many glacial periods (Ice-Ages) followed by Interglacial-Conditions (Global-Warming), we are now in a period of Global Warming, which according to our Planets past History and now I’m about to scare the pants off you, should be followed by a Glacial-Period , in other words an Ice-Age. So, should we be scared of Global-Warming? Of course not, we can survive any extremity Global-Warming will put in our way but what surely must follow scares the living daylights out of me, an Ice-Age. In a Glacial-Period we couldn’t produce enough food to feed ourselves. So, if the frost doesn’t kill us, hunger surely would and the ensuing total anarchy would surely kill the rest of us. What does this scenario tell us to do? Well, it suggests to build more coal fired Power-Stations to give us a cheap base load of Electricity and should also produce more Carbon-Dioxide to be put into the Atmosphere, and according to Tim Flannery and some other Scientists will lead to an increase in the level of Global-Warming. According to silly me, any increase in our Planets temperature should keep the following Ice-Age at bay for just a little bit longer. To tell you the truth, no matter what we do one way or the other, our input is a mere Bagatelle and will change absolutely nothing. Most of the so called dangerous Carbon Dioxide released into the Atmosphere, comes from the Southern Ocean and those alarmist Scientists can’t even work out, why this is so. Perhaps they have never heard about underwater volcanic eruptions on the seabed, should all go back to school those stupid bastards. So, raise your little index finger to show those Scientists and Politicians alike, what you think of them and salute them by screaming out, get a “Reality -Check” Mr.Tim Flannery, Mr. Marc Garneau and Mr. Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore and shove your Remedies, where the Sun doesn’t shine. Mr. Inconvenient Truth, it would be a good idea, to give all the profit you’ve made from your 2 Inconvenient-Truth-Books to a Charity as your predictions and remedies in my way of thinking, are based on an Untruth. You should have studied the history of our planet Earth and you would have given yourself the chance to learn, “THE REAL TRUTH”.
Well, failing to study History, leads me to another kind of Politician….. Mr. Adolf Hitler, I won’t call him Leader because he never lead anybody, but that’s not quite right, he did lead Germany into the Abyss, into oblivion into annihilation, no greater Fool was ever allowed to be in charge of a Country. If he had studied History, and had just an ounce of sense, he wouldn’t have marched into Russia, because he should have learned, that Napoleon Bonaparte, the greatest General ever, came a cropper doing exactly that, invading Russia in 1812. The clever Russians withdrew eastward to return with a real vengeance at the onset of winter and handed this great Leader and he was a real Leader, because he was there and led his troops from the front, the greatest defeat of his life, which consequently banned him to Elba. Well, Mr. Hitler was never a leader; he chose to stay behind because it was much safer for him to cause Mass-Murder to the Jews and anyone else on his list of unwanted, from the safety of his Bunker. No other man caused so much pain, suffering and death to so many people, almost total destruction to Germany and laid waste to large parts of Europe. Not a real Leader, this Monster. Let’s not ever forget !!!



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